How to sell your home fast for cash

When you’re looking to sell your home fast, going with a realtor may not be the best choice. After all, there is a whole list of items a realtor has to check off to make sure your house is sale-ready. A lot of action is likely needed on your part – something you don’t have time for. In fact, here’s what you may have to do before selling your home:

Find a real estate agent

Finding a real estate agent can be tricky. You need to find someone you trust because this person will be doing most of the legwork for selling your home and advising you on how to sell it. Once you find someone you trust and hire them, you are now working on their timeline. 

Selling your home is your top priority and you probably had a timeline in which you wanted to do it in. Problem is, you are one of many clients the real estate agent has; if your home isn’t where they’d get the most commission, will they spend a fair amount of time trying to sell it? Will they try to sell it quickly to get it off of their hands, or let it sit while they focus on bigger commissions? These are all questions you may find yourself asking. And if you’re trying to sell fast for cash, you may not want to work on someone else’s timeline. 

Get your home ready 

Your agent will likely give you a list of things you need to repair, change, or upgrade in your home. This can be expensive, not always necessary, and include upgrades like flooring, appliances, hard/soft scaping, and painting. However, many agents have professional relationships with companies that offer these services, which may or may not be needed. And because everyone has different preferences, you won’t be able to upgrade your home according to everyone’s liking. So while you may be fixing or upgrading something your real estate agent considers essential, someone else may not see it this way – and it’s a waste of your resources, time, and money.  

Leave for long periods of time

Selling a home with an agent means several one-on-one showings, open houses, and more. This means your home will have to be show-ready at the drop of a hat, and you and other members of your home will have to leave for hours on end. With kids, pets, jobs, and life’s happenings, it isn’t always feasible to leave your home and kill time (sometimes hours). It is a major disruption on your day-to-day life for days or weeks at a time – for people who may not even buy your home. 

Keep The House Impeccably Clean

You can’t stage a home without doing a deep cleaning. This means decluttering, getting rid of personal effects, and making your home look like no one lives there – which is tough to do, since you live there. 

Most realtors suggest cleaning the walls, floors, showers, sinks, grout, vanities, toilets, appliances (inside and out), windows, cabinets, countertops, vents, furniture, and more. 

Sure, you could pay a cleaning crew to come in and do a deep clean, but that may run you a couple of hundred dollars. Plus, it’ll be up to you and the rest of your household members to keep it clean. It’s a lot of effort to maintain while you are still living in the home. 

Stage your home

When it comes to buying a home, most people need to see the home as they envision it – beautiful, clean, and something that could have come straight out of a magazine. That’s why your realtor may recommend you stage your home. Much like a showroom, you’ll have to set up your house so it looks perfect – that could mean adding more décor than what you like, rugs and tables, a fully set dining room, etc. It can be a lot of work, especially if you’re planning on selling your home and leaving.

Wait for an offer

Waiting for an offer on your home can be nerve-racking. This emotional roller coaster is hardly ever as simple as an offer is given, you accept, and everyone walks away happy. Rather, there may be a negotiation process – the potential buyer is willing to spend X amount, but you want more for your house. All of this communication will go through your realtor, meaning you will have to wait for a response, consider what the potential buyer has said, relay your message to your realtor, etc. It can also become a complicated process, as there may be contingencies. A contingency is a condition within the contract that must be met in order to make the contract binding. A contingency can allow a buyer to back out of a sale – meaning you will have to start back at square one again. The back and forth, the ups and downs, can be a lot to take. 

Line-up settlement dates

You have a date you want to be out of your home by; so does your buyer. What if those dates don’t align? If you want to be out of your home by September, but the buyer moves out of their space in July, you may have to move out sooner, and live in temporary living until you are able to move into your new place. 

A simpler solution: Contact Honest Home Solutions

When you are looking to sell your home fast for cash, Honest Home Solutions is a no-fuss way to do just that. With our services, you will be able to sell your home quickly and for a fair price. We can make you an immediate cash offer, with closing terms on your terms. That means no stress of deep cleaning, leaving your house for hours at a time, negotiating again and again, or trusting a real estate agent to do all the work for you. If you’re looking to sell fast for cash, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops, contact Honest Home Solutions for a quick solution today! 

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