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We provide a wide range of real estate solutions, and love to share what we know with our clients

With more than 500 real estate transactions to our name, we have have seen and done it all! At Honest Home Solutions we love to share our knowledge to better inform our clients. Here’s some useful videos we have put together, but the most effective way to learn how to solve your real estate challenge is to speak with us directly about your specific situation!

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Recieve and all cash offer for your property , in as is condtion! No need to fix it up!

The PURPOSE and VISION for Honest Home Solutions

Listen as Erik Latsha, owner of Honest Home Solutions, tells us the purpose and vision for his company. Solving problems, People over Profit, Integrity and Trust!

Join us: Be featured as a guest on Coffee & Cash Deals !

Are you an investor , entrepreneur, business owner, mentor etc. contact us to join our show and discuss your journey!

Why Sell Your Home For Cash?

We buy your home as is, no inspections, close quickly and handle most transaction fees!

Our Homebuying Process

Here is a quick rundown of our home buying process….Its easy as 1…2…3!

Renovation Walkthrough!

Get an inside look of a property mid renovation!

Thoughts on Zillow – A good tool for determining real estate value?

Hear Erik’s live customer experience and thoughts on the accuracy of Zillow. Is my home really worth what they say?

We understand times are hard but Honest Home Solutions is here to help!

Honest Home Solutions buys properties all across central Pennsylvania! Any condition , we want to buy it!

Revitalize and Rebuild!

Honest Home Solutions buys properties all across central Pennsylvania! Any condition , we want to buy it!

Mindset like a Honey Badger!

Relating to a honey badger and their unwavering perseverance towards the goal.

Wholesale Heroes: Help Is Good!

A little insight on what Erik has learned being part of the wholesale business? Realizing you just can’t do it all on your own! Surround yourself with people who just might do something better than you, THAT’S OKAY 👌 and building a winning team is most important!

York Strong!

This is a reminder that we are all in this together and together we will make it through this! We will come out better and smarter on the other side of this if we come together as a community. Its so encouraging watching everyone innovate and create! We are way stronger than any virus! YORK STRONG!!

New Lead from the our website!

Property walk-through from an Inbound Lead!

People Over Profit!

Things are difficult but we’re still to help, together we can get through this!

HHS Stronger Together!

Things are difficult but we’re still to help, together we can get through this!

Honest Home Solutions

Our core values, who we are!

Here at Honest Home Solutions, we want to help!

If you’re dealing with a hardship and need assistance in the right direction, We would like to help you find a solution to your problem!

No matter what condition your property might be in, We’ll buy it!

If you’re dealing with a hardship and need assistance in the right direction, We would like to help you find a solution to your problem!

Client Satisfaction is Important!

Our goal is to make sure that you are the most satisfied in our transactions.

Wholesaling Heroes: Running Comps!

Erik Latsha and his Lead Listing Agent Nick Feudale – Realtor coming to you today with another helpful video. They will help you determine the proper market value of a property along with some “do’s” and “do not’s”.

Wholesaling Heroes: Negotiating with your Seller!

Do you want to buy more houses? Erik J. Latsha coming to you today with some tips on negotiating with your seller and closing more deals the right way

Wholesaling Heroes: Walking A Property!

Ever wonder what is the right way to estimate your renovation costs? Erik Latsha, CEO of Honest Home Solutions gives you a demonstration on walking a property and things you would specifically look for to calculate your offer correctly!

Cash Buyer Myth 1: “Cash Buyers Pay Pennies on the Dollar”

Check out our first video in the series of the 5 Misconceptions of Cash Buyers! Honest Home Solutions, LLC. buys ALL types of homes and we offer solutions for everyone’s needs! We’re here to help you, give us a call to start the conversation today!

Cash Buyer Myth 2: “Cash Buyers are Just a Scam!”

Our second video addresses one of the top concerns we hear regularly, that cash buyers are just a scam. This is just not true, at Honest Home Solutions, LLC. we buy ALL types of homes and have solutions to meet everyone’s needs! We’re here to help you, give us a call to start the conversation today!

Cash Buyer Myth 3: “Cash Buyers Only Buy Properties in ‘Poor’ Condition”

Erik Latsha of Honest Home Solutions debunks the 3rd myth in our series of “The Myths and Misconceptions about Cash Buyers” and that is that cash buyers only buy properties in ‘poor’ condition! Honest Home Solutions, LLC. buys ALL types of homes in all types of condition and has solutions for everyone’s needs! We’re here to help you, give us a call to start the conversation today!

Cash Buyer Myth 4: “Cash Buying is Just Like What You See on HGTV”

Chef Erik serves up the latest installment of our myth series. In video 4 in our 5-part series “Myths and misconceptions of real estate Cash Buyers” focuses on the false idea that cash buying is just like what you see on HGTV.  We have a much lighter tone in this video and really hope you enjoy! If you’re interested in either selling or buying a home (or if you just want some of this delicious chicken) give us a call today! We are always eager to help you find the perfect solution to any of your real estate needs.

Cash Buyer Myth 5: “Cash Buyer’s Don’t Do What They Say They’re Going To Do”

In our 5th installment of our series on the Myths and Misconceptions of a cash buyer! We look at the perception that cash buyer’s don’t do what they say they’re going to do. We can’t speak for everyone, but Honest Home Solutions is a company focused on delivering on every promise that is made during the entire transaction, we are built on honesty! Start the conversation today, call us to learn more.

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What our customers say about working with us:

“I had the pleasure of working with Scott during the process of selling my property in York county. Scott was not only professional, but courteous, informative and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Scott for future business and wish him and all his clients successful transactions in the future.”TravisT

Travis B.

“I thought land lording was going to be easy, boy was I wrong! I’m so relieved to have found Honest Home Solution’s to take this property off my hands and deal with the problem tenant’s. I was losing money and couldn’t find anyone willing to take on the issues at hand. Erik and his team moved quickly and efficiently to get me to the finish line in record time. Thank you, Erik!”

Angela G.

“My experience working with Kelsey was positive and informative. She is a very good and thorough communicator, always very responsive and kept me informed with what was progressing with the transaction. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to keep involved and would have any questions during the transaction process.”

Scott H.

“Working with the Honest Home Solution’s team was a great experience for me and my husband. We owned a property that needed extensive repairs and we weren’t ready to take on the project ourselves. Erik came out and evaluated the costs to renovate the home and made us a very fair cash offer on the spot. We couldn’t be happier to have this weight lifted off our shoulders. Erik and his team were professional and communicated with us during the whole process.”

Barbara L.

“I was facing foreclosure and didn’t know what to do. Erik and his team quickly found a solution for me and helped me with a short sale. They were even able to get my wife and I relocation assistance to help us move into our new place. Honest Home Solutions can truly help anyone on a tight timeline and Erik always sticks to his word, even when the situation is tough. I am tremendously thankful for the help Erik and his team were able to provide me.”

William J.

“My experience working with Erik and Honest Home Solutions was easy and stress free. I inherited my mother’s property after her passing and didn’t know how I was going to keep up with it or sell it while living in another state. We found Erik and his team online and they were able to settle on my mother’s property in a few short weeks, we didn’t even have to travel to attend the settlement. Erik went the extra mile for me to make sure there was as little inconvenience as possible during this difficult time.”

Brenda D.

“Working with Erik, Scott, and Kelsey was a great choice for me and my wife. We are getting older and couldn’t keep up with our 2 acre property. We got Erik’s postcard in the mail and spoke with Scott to set up an appointment for Erik to view our property. Erik stuck to his word and got us the money we were promised and settled on time. I would recommend Erik and his team to anyone looking for an honest, no BS company.”

Charlie C.

“After 15 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to separate. On top of all the other difficulties of a separation, having to worry about what to do with our house was one of our top concerns. We made the decision to call local real estate companies who could help us quickly. Erik was the most honest and trusting of all the companies we met with. My ex-husband and I were able to agree on Erik’s price and leave the property behind amicably with money in both of our pockets. Erik was professional and dealt with us compassionately as we were going through this stressful time.”

Deborah B.

“It was a pleasure working with Erik and the Honest Home Solution’s team. I had to unexpectedly relocate to another state for work and even though my home was in great condition, I had to sell quickly. Erik was able to provide me with the highest and fairest offer in town. I would highly recommend Honest Home Solution’s to anyone who is looking to sell their property.”

George C.

“Working with Nick & Erik was very easy. After retiring recently, I decided I wanted a change and Nick and Erik were able to list my property on the market and handle everything from showing the home to negotiating with Buyers. They sold my home for $5,000 over what I was asking! You couldn’t ask for more intelligent and upstanding guys to work with when choosing to sell your property.”

Doris N.

“Erik was honest and forthright throughout the whole process. He made the transaction very easy and explained everything the very first time we met. He removed all the stress and the headaches from the whole transaction!”

Bill F.

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