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Each week we host a live streaming video on Facebook we call “Coffee and Cash Deals” where we discuss the latest developments in the Central PA Real Estate investment market. Then we post those videos here so you can go back and review past videos. We hope this page becomes a resource for you! Enjoy…

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Coffe And Cash Deals Promo Video!

Catch us weekly on Facebook! Wednesday's at 9 a.m. with a special guest each week sharing their experiences building their business, balancing home and work life and so much more! Tune IN!

Coffee & Cash Deals – Michael Pinter, full time Real Estate Investor and CEO speaks about leading through turmoil and keeping the company moving forward!

Catch this awesome episode of Coffee & Cash Deals with Michael Pinter, full time Real Estate Investor and CEO of Real Property Buyers , LLC! We will be chatting about what it’s like to do business in New York and the struggles of making changes in your business when partners go different directions. How to lead through turmoil and keep the company moving forward! Michael has been investing in real estate in Long island, NY since 1996. He worked in the mortgage 💴 industry for the same company for 17 Years while he started to invest in Real estate part-time. 🏡 In 2013, Michael started investing full-time and now and now buys 4-5 houses 🏘 in Long Island each month that he either wholesales, wholetails, or rehabs. 🔨

Coffee & Cash Deals – Stinson Bland giving some great advice maneuvering through the real estate industry!

Hanging out with us this morning will be real estate investor Stinson Bland sharing his expertise in all aspects of the investor industry! Stinson has been in real estate 🏡 since 2009. He started his career as a wholesaler in the DFW area and quickly turned to flipping houses. Over the past several years he has focused his efforts on building 📈 and their affiliated products: coaching and mastermind 👨🏻‍💼. In November of 2019 he started buying properties 🏘 again and his Waco based business is buying 4+ houses a month and flips or holds all houses purchased 💼 .

Coffee & Cash Deals – Ryan Rotty Garcilazo joins us speaking about what it takes to become an elite business owner!

We will talk this morning about what it takes to become an elite business owner and learn from one of the best in the business!💼 Ryan is an author, a speaker and a consultant. He has owned one of the largest 🚧 General Contracting Redevelopment Companies in Chicago (The Garcilazo Group). His company has flipped over 1,000 properties 🏡 over the last 15 years, totaling millions of dollars in real estate! Learn how Ryan has created a win-win business model by which other subs and clients do not have to compete against one another.

Coffee & Cash Deals – Learn about Digital Marketing and How to Control PPC in your market with Chad Weeden!

Joining Erik J. Latsha will be Chad Weeden, Military Veteran/Law Enforcement 👮🏻‍♂️ turned full-time Real Estate Investor👨🏻‍💼! Chad moved to Denver, CO on a whim in July of 2018 and was forced to transition his flipping business to a virtual model 💻. He primarily focuses on fix and flips and has a few cash flowing rental properties as well 🏡 Beyond being an investor, Chad is focused on spending as much time as possible with his wife, Wendy, and kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. Chad will be speaking with us on how he became a master at structuring creative finance deals and also how he has streamlined to digital marketing 🖥 vs other forms of marketing that tend to become time and labor intensive. You won’t want to miss out on this episode! 📺

Coffee & Cash Deals – Two very experienced Financial Professionals, Josh Jenkins & Mike Cox

🌟 Joining Erik J. Latsha is two very experienced Financial Professionals, Josh Jenkins & Mike Cox Josh is a Certified Financial Planner 🧾specializing in Real Estate investing 🏡. His primary focus is on tax efficient investing to help his clients meet and maximize their goals as effectively as possible! Mike is a Certified Financial Advisor. Mike’s interest in finance began during his career as a fullback in the NFL 🏈 for 5 years! Mike’s passion for finance 📈 grew when he became a husband and father as his desire to create a secure financial plan for his family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. The plan and investments 📊he made with Josh as his planner propelled him to join Josh’s team! Together Josh & Mike will be bringing us some great information on all aspects of the Finance World! 

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What our customers say about working with us:

“I had the pleasure of working with Scott during the process of selling my property in York county. Scott was not only professional, but courteous, informative and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Scott for future business and wish him and all his clients successful transactions in the future.”TravisT

Travis B.

“I thought land lording was going to be easy, boy was I wrong! I’m so relieved to have found Honest Home Solution’s to take this property off my hands and deal with the problem tenant’s. I was losing money and couldn’t find anyone willing to take on the issues at hand. Erik and his team moved quickly and efficiently to get me to the finish line in record time. Thank you, Erik!”

Angela G.

“My experience working with Kelsey was positive and informative. She is a very good and thorough communicator, always very responsive and kept me informed with what was progressing with the transaction. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to keep involved and would have any questions during the transaction process.”

Scott H.

“Working with the Honest Home Solution’s team was a great experience for me and my husband. We owned a property that needed extensive repairs and we weren’t ready to take on the project ourselves. Erik came out and evaluated the costs to renovate the home and made us a very fair cash offer on the spot. We couldn’t be happier to have this weight lifted off our shoulders. Erik and his team were professional and communicated with us during the whole process.”

Barbara L.

“I was facing foreclosure and didn’t know what to do. Erik and his team quickly found a solution for me and helped me with a short sale. They were even able to get my wife and I relocation assistance to help us move into our new place. Honest Home Solutions can truly help anyone on a tight timeline and Erik always sticks to his word, even when the situation is tough. I am tremendously thankful for the help Erik and his team were able to provide me.”

William J.

“My experience working with Erik and Honest Home Solutions was easy and stress free. I inherited my mother’s property after her passing and didn’t know how I was going to keep up with it or sell it while living in another state. We found Erik and his team online and they were able to settle on my mother’s property in a few short weeks, we didn’t even have to travel to attend the settlement. Erik went the extra mile for me to make sure there was as little inconvenience as possible during this difficult time.”

Brenda D.

“Working with Erik, Scott, and Kelsey was a great choice for me and my wife. We are getting older and couldn’t keep up with our 2 acre property. We got Erik’s postcard in the mail and spoke with Scott to set up an appointment for Erik to view our property. Erik stuck to his word and got us the money we were promised and settled on time. I would recommend Erik and his team to anyone looking for an honest, no BS company.”

Charlie C.

“After 15 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to separate. On top of all the other difficulties of a separation, having to worry about what to do with our house was one of our top concerns. We made the decision to call local real estate companies who could help us quickly. Erik was the most honest and trusting of all the companies we met with. My ex-husband and I were able to agree on Erik’s price and leave the property behind amicably with money in both of our pockets. Erik was professional and dealt with us compassionately as we were going through this stressful time.”

Deborah B.

“It was a pleasure working with Erik and the Honest Home Solution’s team. I had to unexpectedly relocate to another state for work and even though my home was in great condition, I had to sell quickly. Erik was able to provide me with the highest and fairest offer in town. I would highly recommend Honest Home Solution’s to anyone who is looking to sell their property.”

George C.

“Working with Nick & Erik was very easy. After retiring recently, I decided I wanted a change and Nick and Erik were able to list my property on the market and handle everything from showing the home to negotiating with Buyers. They sold my home for $5,000 over what I was asking! You couldn’t ask for more intelligent and upstanding guys to work with when choosing to sell your property.”

Doris N.

“Erik was honest and forthright throughout the whole process. He made the transaction very easy and explained everything the very first time we met. He removed all the stress and the headaches from the whole transaction!”

Bill F.

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